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> The 1547 injunctions utterly forbade the ringing of bells during Sunday
> services, except 'one bell in convinient time to be rung or knolled before
> the sermon', which was probably intended to silence the sanctus bell. I
> don't know when the habit was re-introduced, (?as a result of the Oxford
> Movement) or even if it is strictly legal.

Not a subject I know much about, but there are what certainly appear to be
sanctus bells of seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth century date at
various places.


When we acquired our Sanctus bell (from Wolverton near Bath) there was some
discussion as to what it should be called. IIRC the Vicar preferred the
term 'service bell', but it rarely gets called that. (in fact its usual
name is Annabel, as it is dedicated to St Anne; most appropriate for the
cloth trade). The post -reformation 'sanctus bells' may be technically
service bells.


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