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DLC <I'd never thought before that we did something illegal - even though w=
e don't have a special bell here on which to do it.>

The Chancellor of the St Albans Diocese has refused a Faculty for a Sanctus=
bell in recent time because it is illegal... and quite right too I would s=
ay if you consider its real purpose.

If you believe that during the service the REAL blood and body of Christ is=
suddenly present in the Parish then it's something to tell or warn the par=
ishioners about.=20
We are supposed to have moved on from this tiny minded and intimidating sup=
erstition now and the church does not have to remind us of some of its dark=
er former times each week.

Similarly, the internal bells were rung to call the attention of the congre=
gation to what was happening beyond the Rood screen. Again a situation whic=
h our forbears rejected as wrong and not a part of our past to rehearse. Ap=
art from that in the modern context it is insulting to the congregation.

Cranmer somewhere warned about backsliding and the danger of the brainless =
of practice of superstitious habits without knowing what you were up to.

I hope that dear DLC will become a reformed man from this moment onward, cu=
t off his Sanctus rope and every other button on his catholic frock as well=


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