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If you believe that during the service the REAL blood and body of Christ
is suddenly present in the Parish then it's something to tell or warn the
parishioners about.
We are supposed to have moved on from this tiny minded and intimidating
superstition now and the church does not have to remind us of some of its
darker former times each week.

This is part of the 12th century 'reforms' to the church which included
such things as the Virginity of Mary, Papal Infallibility, and the building
of large numbers of churches. The 11th century schoolmaster/bishop Aelfric
explained the matter very neatly, but his writings were later suppressed by
the Catholic church.

'... now we say to such men [that often ask questions] that some
things are said about Christ figuratively... He is called 'bread' and 'lamb'
and 'lion' and so forth figuratively. He is called 'bread'because he is our
life, and the life of the angels; he is called 'lamb' on account of his
innocence; a 'lion' on account of his strength with which he overcomes the
powerful Devil. But neverthelass according to true nature, Christ in
neither bread, nor lamb, nor lion... If we consider the Eucharist in a
bodily sense then we see that it corruptible bread and corruptible wine, and
by the power of the divine word itis truely Christ's body and his blood;,
not however bodily, but spiritually.'

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