[Bell Historians] Sanctus and Angelus bells

Anne Willis zen16073 at z...
Thu Aug 12 14:07:37 BST 2004

> There was a Pancake Bell at HT Bradford on Avon.

But was that a separate bell, or was a specific bell within the ring used?
This seems to have been the usual practice.


I have no idea whether it was one of the tower bells or a hand bell rung
around the town.

An SOS bell was rung at regular intervals during WW1

At Broughton Gifford (where enthusiasm compensated for the small number of
bells) the 'halling'bell was rung regularly from the 1720's. The accounts
only start in 1716, so I don't know if it was an od habit continued or a new
one. BG is also one of the earliest churches I have seen payments for New
Year ringing. The first mention is in 1756.

Anne Willis

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