Sanctus and Angelus bells

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To get back to the original subject perhaps the way in which the two bells =
in the North West tower of Lincoln Cathedral are rung for the daily service=
s may be of interest :

7.15 am the largest bell is rung 20 times
9 am the largest bell 81 times=20
12 noon the largest bell is rung for the Angelus 3 x 3 x 3 x 9
3 pm the largest bell is rung 41 times

For the Curfew the smallest bell is rung 101 times less a number equivalent=
to the date of the month and then the balance on the larger bell. i.e. on=
the 20th day of the month the smallest bell is rung 81 times and then the =
largest 20 times!

A bell at Holbeach dated 1915 is hung in a bell cote between the Nave and C=
hancel so it was clearly intended to be sounded at the Elevation during Com=

At Halton Holegate when Henry Penn cast the ring (of 5 I think) he cast a s=
maller bell which I have recorded as a Sanctu

In the 2000 edition of Lincoln Cathedral : A History of the Bells etc I hav=
e reproduced the elaborate pre-Reformation rules for ringing at Lincoln Cat=
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