Sanctus & Angelus Bells

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Thu Aug 12 16:13:45 BST 2004

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> DLC <I'd never thought before that we did something illegal - even 
though we don't have a special bell here on which to do it.>
> The Chancellor of the St Albans Diocese has refused a Faculty for a 
Sanctus bell in recent time because it is illegal... and quite right 
too I would say if you consider its real purpose.
> If you believe that during the service the REAL blood and body of 
Christ is suddenly present in the Parish then it's something to tell 
or warn the parishioners about. 
> We are supposed to have moved on from this tiny minded and 
intimidating superstition now and the church does not have to remind 
us of some of its darker former times each week.
> Similarly, the internal bells were rung to call the attention of 
the congregation to what was happening beyond the Rood screen. Again 
a situation which our forbears rejected as wrong and not a part of 
our past to rehearse. Apart from that in the modern context it is 
insulting to the congregation.
> Cranmer somewhere warned about backsliding and the danger of the 
brainless of practice of superstitious habits without knowing what 
you were up to.
> I hope that dear DLC will become a reformed man from this moment 
onward, cut off his Sanctus rope and every other button on his 
catholic frock as well!!
> Andrew

Could it not just be a reminder that people are marking a amazing 
moment in history when Our Saviour made the perfect sacrifice for us 
all? I moment to rejoice with bells I'd have thought!


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