[Bell Historians] thoughts on Angelus and Consecration bells

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Fri Aug 13 15:05:40 BST 2004

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> Anne,
> no offence was taken, I just did not like the way you referred to 
> our beliefs as a dark area of the church's past. The Anglo Catholic 
> wing of the CofE is just as important as any other part, and whilst 
> we may be seen as old fashioned and traditional we like to think 
> that we are contributing to the growth of the Church as a whole.
> The beauty of the CofE is that it encompasses so many varying areas 
> of belief and liturgy, and I think that if we all treat each other 
> with respect instead of arguing and citicising, this might be a 
> small step towards healing the current wounds of the church.
> Michael
> PS David sorry for straying away from Bell History! 
Getting back on subject. At Tenterden, (where the Sanctus bell is 
hung over the chancel arch, with a unique horizontal rope run back to 
the ringing room of the west tower) it used to be the tradition for 
one of the ringers (may still be) to toll the bell for Sunday 8 am 

The treble was tolled for ten minutes and then three threes and a 
nine were chimed on the Sanctus, immediately after the clock had 
struck eight. Because of the strange rope run and the fact that the 
bell only weighs about 3/4 cwt, there was a great deal of skill 
required to get the bell to chime only the requisite number of times!


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