[Bell Historians] Sanctus and Angelus bells

David Bryant david at b...
Fri Aug 13 21:13:57 BST 2004

"Canterbury used to chime the middle six for Evensong, as do (?did) St
Paul's, on an Ellacombe until WWII; the thing was still there until the 1980
restoration, and still worked - I remember chiming for the surprise visit of
the Oecumenical Patriarch forty years ago. Latterly they used Bell Harry as
a service and curfew bell, but now Great Dunstan grandly fulfills the former

At York, the Nelson chime is played for ten minutes before Evensong each
day; five minutes on the front six and then five minutes on the back eight.
The minor six is used instead of the front six during Lent. Recently, they
haven't always been played due to a lack of people to do it. Great Peter is
swung for a few minutes each day apart from Sunday immediately after it ahs
struck noon, and is swung for between five and ten minutes before the main
serice on Sunday, initially with the ring and then carrying on alone after
the ringing bells have stopped.

At the Spurriergate Centre we have an electrically-swung curfew bell which
is supposed to swing for a short time at 8 am and 8 pm. At present it is out
of action due to a malfunction of the swinging mechanism.


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