Mallabys again

Alan J.Birney fartwell2000 at y...
Sun Aug 15 09:15:07 BST 2004

We (DJB and myself)discovered the other day that the three bells at 
the former church of St James, Warter appear to be hung by Mallaby.
DJB and myself were discussing Mallaby jobs and I said that the 
latest Mallaby job I could think of were a rehang of a ring of two in 
Yorkshire in the 1920s.
I did get brief details from someone years ago (cant remember who, 
and I no longer have the data).
I seem to recall the bells were rehung by Mallaby using parts that 
came from Taylors, i.e metal frame, etc.
Can anyone confirm the location of this ring of two (Kirby 
Sigston/Kirkby Ravensworth?) and does anyone know the exact year and 
location that Mallabys carried out their last hanging job?
I have a particular interest in Mallaby Jobs nowadays.
I dont know if the Frame at Warter is inscribed with Mallabys 
details on it, but the frame of the ring of three it Rylestone (near 
Skipton) is- Barnoldswick frame is not, nor are any of the other 
Mallaby jobs I have seen.


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