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Halifax tenor rehung on new gudgions and bearings in 1916 is the last work =
mentioned in John Mallaby's day book.=20
Yours Ian J
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We (DJB and myself)discovered the other day that the three bells at=20
the former church of St James, Warter appear to be hung by Mallaby.
DJB and myself were discussing Mallaby jobs and I said that the=20
latest Mallaby job I could think of were a rehang of a ring of two in=20
Yorkshire in the 1920s.
I did get brief details from someone years ago (cant remember who,=20
and I no longer have the data).
I seem to recall the bells were rehung by Mallaby using parts that=20
came from Taylors, i.e metal frame, etc.
Can anyone confirm the location of this ring of two (Kirby=20
Sigston/Kirkby Ravensworth?) and does anyone know the exact year and=20
location that Mallabys carried out their last hanging job?
I have a particular interest in Mallaby Jobs nowadays.
I dont know if the Frame at Warter is inscribed with Mallabys=20
details on it, but the frame of the ring of three it Rylestone (near=20
Skipton) is- Barnoldswick frame is not, nor are any of the other=20
Mallaby jobs I have seen.


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