Bow Bells record

jim phillips jim at p...
Wed Aug 18 19:31:15 BST 2004

John Paul Adams wrote:-

John Paul Adams wrote:-

"A shame to have it getting even more dusty on the top of my wardrobe, would
it be any use in the ASCY library if there is not a copy there already?

Even better would be to get a recording of it onto CD. Not being dated, I
don't know how old it is, but I assume the copyright must have expired by

What a find! Thanks to my ex-landlord who gave it to me as a parting
present when I moved into my present flat."

What a find indeed! The CY Library would certainly welcome the record as
there is no copy in the library. The gift would be acknowledged in the
minutes of the Society. Why not make copies of it onto CD so that everyone
can enjoy the superb sound these bells made. As the record was made on the
Lester and Pack ten I am sure the copyright has expired - but it would be
wise to check this out.

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