[Bell Historians] Re: Pack and Chapman 1770s

David Bryant david at b...
Wed Aug 18 19:11:25 BST 2004

> The tenor, by Thomas Mears 1814 was reputedly tuned from 40 2 21 to
> 37 3 15. Rather more than a little bit of tuning.

I agree that according to the evidence 2-3-6 was taken off. However, my
observation about tuning was based on having inspected the bell, not on any
reputedlies or maybes! As I stated, the bell has only received fairly
minimal tuning in the soundbow area. A large part of the weight removed will
be the canons, which on a bell of this size are going to weigh between 1½
and 2 cwt I would think. That leaves about 1 cwt removed in tuning, and on a
bell this size the runing wouldn't need to be very extensive to remove this

> I have a list of weights for the whole ring giving original and post
> tuning weights! --

So do I - weights as supplied, as received at Taylor's in 1924 and as
despatched from Taylor's in 1924 - see my website on Norwich bells!


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