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Slightly off topic of course, but quite a few of L&J's early larger bells w=
ere cast by JT&Co - up to 1872; in Somerset, among others, Charlynch tenor=
2' 11 3/4" 7-1-19 17/4/1863 plus fittings; East Harptree tenor 3' 8 5/8" 1=
4-0-18 25/6/1863; Luxborough treble 2' 4 3/8" 4.1.20 22/4/1864 plus clapper=
; 3 2' 6 1/8" 4.2.19; 4 2' 10 1/4" 6.1.12; tenor 3' 2 3/8" 8.2.7 8/8/1863. =
Bristol, St James treble in 10, 1866.
And of course, C&G Mears cast a number of bells for Peter Llewellin. As to =
the Great Bucket (or has someone recast it ?) at Yeovilton, I've no idea. T=
he reasons David gives are attractive ones unless there is evidence to the =

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> When was the last bell cast in Somerset (Prior to the Bowditch Foundry =
> 1989)?

Also of course, there is the (1870s?) tenor at Yeovilton which claims in =
inscription that it was cast by Petter of Yeovil (engineers - they still
exist and make diesel engines). It is one of a group of bells bearing
several 'founder's' names, including L&J who probably did not cast some o=
their early bells. So far as I am aware, nobody knows who cast these bell=
Some of them at least have radial canons. It is worth noting that Petter'=
would probably have had the furnace capacity for casting fairly sizeable
bells, althouhg I believe it is considered unlikely that they did. CD wil=
know more about these bells I'm sure.


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