Somerser founders

David Bryant david at b...
Fri Aug 20 23:33:34 BST 2004

> When was the last bell cast in Somerset (Prior to the Bowditch Foundry in
> 1989)?

Also of course, there is the (1870s?) tenor at Yeovilton which claims in its
inscription that it was cast by Petter of Yeovil (engineers - they still
exist and make diesel engines). It is one of a group of bells bearing
several 'founder's' names, including L&J who probably did not cast some of
their early bells. So far as I am aware, nobody knows who cast these bells.
Some of them at least have radial canons. It is worth noting that Petter's
would probably have had the furnace capacity for casting fairly sizeable
bells, althouhg I believe it is considered unlikely that they did. CD will
know more about these bells I'm sure.


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