Lincolnshire Bells and Bellfounders

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Sun Aug 22 11:33:43 BST 2004

>From Dr John R. Ketteringham MBE

Lincolnshire Bells and Bellfounders

The above book was sold out very soon after publication and the compiler and
editor John Ketteringham is seriously considering publishing a reprint which
will include a comprehensive Addenda. He can only do this if there are
enough subscribers to cover most of the cost.

The book is a record of around 2400 Lincolnshire bells hung mainly in
churches but school and house bells are also included. The earliest of
these dates from circa 1150 and over 300 bells are pre-Reformation. As
much as possible is included in the book about each bell including
inscription, weight and diameter. The fittings are also of considerable
interest with many of the bell frames of great age.

Hitherto unpublished information is included about all the bell founders
known to have worked in the Diocese and this includes the author's own
research into the origin of the founder of the amazingly decorative
inscriptions on the bells at South Somercotes which bear the date 1423.
Included in the book are around 270 drawings of lettering and maker's marks
found on Lincolnshire bells.

This is a book which is important to all who have an interest in bells and
bellfounding including historians, archaeologists, surveyors and architects.

As well as the 270 drawings mentioned above there are a further 136
illustrations and the total number of pages in the reprint will be about 400
which will include a list of subscribers.

If you are interested and would like to subscribe should the reprint
go-ahead please contact Dr John Ketteringham MBE by email at
john.ketteringham27 at n..., telephone on 01522 888897 or write to him
at 27 Bunkers Hill, Lincoln, LN2 4QS.

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