[Bell Historians] L & J / Petter of Yeovil

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Mon Aug 23 12:03:12 BST 2004

> Also of course, there is the (1870s?) tenor at Yeovilton which claims in its
> inscription that it was cast by Petter of Yeovil (engineers - they still
> exist and make diesel engines). It is one of a group of bells bearing
> several 'founder's' names, including L&J who probably did not cast some of
> their early bells. So far as I am aware, nobody knows who cast these bells.
> Some of them at least have radial canons. It is worth noting that Petter's
> would probably have had the furnace capacity for casting fairly sizeable
> bells, althouhg I believe it is considered unlikely that they did. CD will
> know more about these bells I'm sure.

[What he does know is in the L & J entry in 'Bells and Belfries of Dorset'
Part 3, which gratefully benefits from the work of Dick and Nick Bowden,
Chris Pickford and others. This has just lurched a little closer to
publication with the completion of the index! But meanwhile, I might be
prepared to send a print-out to interested parties if they care to send me
an SAE... CD]

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