[Bell Historians] Re Savery of Taunton.

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at v...
Mon Aug 23 12:10:17 BST 2004

> A Taunton brassfounder named Roger Savery cast a few bells in the 1830s. The
> only one on the listed bells list for the B&W diocese is 2/6 at Creech St
> Michael, which I've seen - odd-shaped thing with a domed crown and very
> short waist. I thought there was one at Tolland too, but it isn't on the
> list and if it survives I would expect it to be.

[2/3, 1837. It was still there when I visited in 1981. CD]

> I think I have a photo of the Creech bell (which is dated 1838) somewhere.
> If anyone wants to see if I'll try to find it. Can't promise though - my
> photos are in rather a mess!

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