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Your imagination I am afraid Jim!

I make the bell:

Partial Freq Error (Compared with "Simpson")

Nominal 1339 Hz (Datum E+27)
Quint 1028 Hz (24 Hz sharp)
Tierce 855Hz (52 Hz sharp)
Prime 643Hz (27 Hz flat)
Hum 365Hz (30 Hz sharp).

A distinctly old syle bell.

Figures measured by tuning fork of course :-)


>I claim a first. While ringing at the 3 bell tower of St Mary, Woolnoth for
>a wedding last Saturday, I broke the rope of the second bell. The bells are
>by William Eldridge and I found the sound produced by the second bell (1672)
>to be almost Simpson or was it a figment of my imagination? Has anyone the
>tuning figures for this bell? Are there any other bells by this founder
>that are hung for ringing? (Love's guide gives the weight of the tenor at
>13.5 cwt ( approx)

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