[Bell Historians] Fenham bells

David Bryant david at b...
Tue Aug 24 23:49:56 BST 2004

> I could wish that the useless sharp tenor be traded in for the
> missing minor sixth, minor tenth and five (or more) trebles to make a
> fine middle-weight two-octave carillon. Since, as David Cawley
> pointed out, "the whole set is cast on a scale of ringing weights",
> there is probably a limit to how far the treble range could be
> extended.

Wouldn't it be possible to add trebles cast to chiming weights? That's
what's been done at Manchester Town Hall - the front-end ringing bells are
considerably heavier than the chiming bells around them. I've not heard the
carillon myself, but the general consensus seems to be that the mixture of
weight profiles doesn't pose a problem.

Comments, anyone?


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