[Bell Historians] Fenham bells

David Bryant david at b...
Fri Aug 27 08:58:00 BST 2004

> That's quite true, but it misses my point. Given that the chiming 
> bells are already cast to ringing weights (unlike Manchester Town 
> Hall), I think it would be an interesting and potentially valuable 
> experiment to discover how far that ringing-weight scale could be 
> extended and to hear what the result would be musically.

The first point is that, obviously, the thicker the bells get the heavier the clapper/hammer will need to be to bring out the tone.

Secondly, it is my impression that very thick trebles of higher-number rings have non-standard harmonic structures, which I take to be mainly in the upper partials. This isn't a problem in change ringing bells, but in carillons where tunes were bing played and chords potentially used it could be. The trebles of the 12 at York Minster sound different from any other bells I've heard, even the trebles at Exeter.



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