[Bell Historians] Re: Ludlow

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Sat Aug 28 14:01:13 BST 2004

>From: "Andrew Higson, Bellmaster" <andrew_higson at t...>

> A previously unused and interesting new definition of fun.

[You do surprise me. CD]
> Whilst on that slightly sore point, after the tenor was welded I checked
> its notes, assuming they may have altered and found they had not. I was
> astonished to find that it had gone up by about 20 cents when the bells
> were pitched for the recent proposals for augmentation. I haven't
> experienced this with any old bells that have been welded.
> Andrew
> [...and all done without a faculty, as was the recasting of the tenor (which
> SUBSEQUENTLY got cracked by the new state-of-the-art chiming mechanism and
> had to be welded). All good fun. CD]
[What really will be fun will be the amount of tower-sway if the bells are
augmented in line with local proposals. But Ludlow has had no shortage of
advice, including some good, and there is hope that sense will be seen, even
if this means that the two G & J bells ex-Kidderminster bells need to move
on to another tower. I don't think Ludlow isn't going to be allowed to
flout the faculty jurisdiction next time round. C D (stirring, as usual)]

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