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[It is, of course, all part of the fact that modern bellhangers dislike
canons, and try to force them onto metal stocks which they weren't designed
for. Certainly a resin pad of the kind I am describing is an unacceptable
mutilation of an old bell, visually as well as tonally. Also, how do you
get them off when you need to? C D]

Are we leading the way or following the devices and desires of bellringers?=
I would suggest the latter. It is more expensive to make a wooden headstoc=
k - big downside for the C of E and I would say that there is a misconcepti=
on that the bells will go better on a canon retaining cast iron (or fabrica=
ted) headstocks. Not necessarily so in my experience, especially with long =
waisted bells.

With reference to removing pads - we checked that this could be done before=
going down this route of hanging. The resin was sufficiently brittle to br=
eak up nicely when smote with a hammer and chisel (taking care not to take =
a canon or two out at the same time). There may well be a tide line where t=
he resin has pulled some of the verdigris off.

Can't see why the pad would need to be so big as to affect the tone of the =
bell. Its a waste of fairly expensive resin and there is no point in mking =
it larger than the circle of the headstock anyway.

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