[Bell Historians] Resin pads

Richard Offen richard.offen at o...
Mon Aug 30 14:42:52 BST 2004

--- In bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, "Susan & Christopher Dalton" 
<dalton.family at v...> wrote:
> > What make you think it's the resin pad causing this?
> > 
> > R Offen
> [1. There is nothing else could be, unless all five bells were 
> (which they aren't), and anyway I have observed the same phenomoenon
> elsewhere.
> 2. Said pads cover too wide an area of the crowns (i.e. they come 
> further towards the shoulder than you can get away with).
> It is, of course, all part of the fact that modern bellhangers 
> canons, and try to force them onto metal stocks which they weren't 
> for. Certainly a resin pad of the kind I am describing is an 
> mutilation of an old bell, visually as well as tonally. Also, how 
do you
> get them off when you need to? C D]

Sorry, I hadn't realised that the pads were on bells that retained 
their canons!


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