Derwent Woodland

Richard Offen richard at s...
Wed Dec 15 02:43:36 GMT 2004

> From all of the above, there would appear to be the following 
outstanding questions:
> 1) What happened to the 3rd bell? Did it in fact go to Chelmorton 
as scrap to help pay for the work there?
> 2) What were the frame and fittings? The two descriptions appear 
contradictory. There are a number of pictures of the tower (which 
appears to have stood at the north-western corner of the church) on 
the web, and it appears very small - would the bells have fitted in a 
timber frame or would it have needed to be a cast iron H frame?
> 3) Were parts of the frame or any of the fittings reused anywhere 
after removal?
> I will try to get a copy of the book on the creation of the 
reservoir. Looking on the web it appears that it is easily and fairly 
cheaply available.
> So, over to DLC and GAD!
> David

If my memory serves me right, isn't the church still at the bottom of 
Ladybower, and didn't the top of the tower become visible during the 
1976 drought?

Perhaps the frame is still down there rusting away ...but I'm not 
volunteering to don my scuba gear to find out: I'm afraid I'm a warm 
water diver these days!


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