"HB" at G&J?

George Dawson George at d...
Wed Dec 15 12:18:59 GMT 2004

> I've been contacted by someone who has acquired one of the G&J treble 
> bells from the original (1924) carillon of St.Stephen's Church, 
> Cohasset, Massachusetts, USA. (See 
> http://www.gcna.org/data/MACOHASS.HTM) She describes it thus:
> "It has a #14 on it, as well as a diamond with the letters HB 
> inside it. There is also a circle with the letters CFJ. There is 
> faint lettering 19_ Co_asset Mas USA."
> The "14" must be the sequence number of the bell in the carillon; 
> since the instrument was pitched in E, this must be the treble G 
> bell. (Since the description is so detailed, I presume that the bell 
> does not carry a serial number.)
> The "CFJ" must be the initials of Cyril F. Johnston; but what would 
> the "HB" mean"?

Isn't this a shipping mark?

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