[Bell Historians] Old bellframes and common sense....

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Sat Dec 18 08:35:58 GMT 2004

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> For what its worth Immingham bellframe was re-erected in the nave 
of Theddlethorpe All Saints church which is in the care of the 
Churches Conservation Trust.<

It's a nice idea, provided you can find a suitable location in which 
to re-erect the frame. 

We spent a considerable amount of time and effort carefully 
dismantling the old, and very scrappy, frame at Godmersham (Kent) in 
1987, in order to pacify a couple of local archaeologists who were 
passionate about its preservation. To the best of my knowledge, the 
frame still lies, probably rotting even more than it was when we took 
it out, in one of the Canterbury Archaeological Trust's stores in 


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