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Sat Dec 18 20:10:41 GMT 2004

In yesterday's Salisbury Journal under Legal & Public Notices, the following

Diocese of Salisbury - Parish of St Lawrence, Stratford-sub-Castle. Disposal
of Redundant Bell Frame in 2002.

Regarding the previously approved removal of the listed bell frame, from the
Parish Church of St Lawrence at Stratford-sub-Castle in the year 2000 for
replacement by a new frame, followed by the sale of the old frame in the
year 2002.

Objections, etc by 13th January, 2005.

I did try to find a home for it in one of TCCT's churches in Wiltshire but
the Trust refused it. I gather that it was sold to someone who has since
made a table from the timber! I am unclear as to the action that can now be
taken even if someone does object. Presumably there was a good deal of
timber remaining, unless it was a very large table!

Neil Skelton.

I hope the wood was not too hard.

When the 1627 frame was removed from Lacock (?late 1960's) there was an idea
that the wood could be used to make items. Unfortunately the wood was so
hard that only two lampholders were made, and the rest thrown out.

If churchwardens' accounts are to be believed, the frame was made from green
timber from nearby Bowden Hill.

Anne Willis

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