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Sat Dec 18 20:23:52 GMT 2004

Have just discovered the website www.oldbaileyonline.org with extracts from
the trial proceedings at the Old Bailey. Not much on bells, but there are
two references to theft of goods from Thomas Mears at Whitechapel. In 1815,
James Lamb (59) an employee at the foundry was caught "red handed" by the
foundry clerk, William Chamberlain, and found guilt of stealing 1.5 lbs of
brass from his master. In 1805, John Russell (83), was sentenced to 12
months in the House of Correction and fined 1st for stealing three metal
bells (value 5s) belonging to Thomas Mears. John Whitby, who cast the bells,
gave evidence. Interesting, if only to add a few names to the list of former
foundry staff

Sounds as if Thomas Smart who 'with force and arms did carry away twenty six
pounds of bell metal at the value of eight shillings' from Broughton Gifford
in 1850 got off lightly with being 'confined in the New Prison at Devizes
for four months to hard labour.'

Anne Willis

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