[Bell Historians] St. Salvator's Chapel, St. Andrews

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Sat Dec 18 23:40:28 GMT 2004

 --- David Cawley <dcawley at w...> wrote: 
> JT & Co certainly inspected and reported (JPF) in
> 1940 andf recommended rehanging the two bells with
> new ringing fittings in the existing timber
> framework. I don't know if it was they who did the
> work, but the bells they inspected were:
> 1: 27 1/4" "Vile" tone. Probably Robert Maxwell of
> Edinburgh 3 1/2-cwt
> 2: "Kate Kennedy" Bell. 31 1/4". Cracked in two
> places in soundbow. No founder given. 
> I'd be interested to see a copy of the article
> mentioned.

I'm not quite sure how I can get a copy of the article
to David. It does not appear to be entirely accurate
but it says both bells were recast in 1940 and
presumably rehung in the old frame, which has now been
replaced. From the photos with the article it appears
the inscriptions (which are rather long on both bells)
are a facsimile of the originals but no founder's name
is visible. Assuming the transciptions in the article
are correct, the Katharine bell was first cast in
1460, recast in 1609 and again in 1686 by John Meikle
of Edinburgh before the 1940 recast. The other bell,
called the "Elizabeth Bell", was cast in Ghent
(doesn't say when) and recast in 1724 by Robert
Maxwell of Edinburgh.


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