[Bell Historians] Whitwell on the Hill

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Sun Dec 19 23:00:43 GMT 2004

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> . Rang there in 1970 . Sad that they aren't now hung as a 
> ring.
> Jim Shepard

They are.
Bells 4,5,6 have had wheels removed only.
Bells 1,2,3 have wheels (bottom qaurter missing) and all have stays 
and sliders apart from 4th stay is missing and third slider is 
All retain pulleys, and are free to swing.
Frame is tie rodded, and is a generally in good condition.
I do wonder if they should have been given some general 
maintainance, and all six rung for limited periods, in the hope that 
money may become available for a rehang in a new frame with a more 
sensible layout- saying that, the tower seems not too badly 
We (DJB and me) were told that the Ellacombe unit is used at 
The installation was not as bad as I had thought it would be.


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