[Bell Historians] Peterborough, St John the Baptist

Nick Bowden nickwbowden at f...
Sun Feb 8 17:07:03 GMT 2004

I understand that 25-2-22 came from the Gillett tuning books.

From: "Bill Hibbert" 

> I collated a list of all the 'C' tenors in Dove, as part of a 
> correspondence I am having about the bells at Dunham Massey. I 
> wanted to check if the Dunham bells really are the lightest peal 
> in 'C'.
> The tenor weight for Peterborough SJB is given in Dove 9th edition 
> and the online edition as 25-2-22, which makes it lighter than 
> Dunham by just two pounds. However, all previous editions give the 
> Peterborough weight as 26-2-22. Does anyone know which is correct?
> Bill H

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