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Michael Childs mtchilds at y...
Tue Feb 10 19:04:51 GMT 2004

Indeed there was a section on Radio 4 at about 6.25pm
tonight, and you were on it David! It even mentioned
that the picture was shown on an internet chat room, I
assume by this they were referring to Bell Historians.

I note that in the article on the BBC website the
vicar says the bells will be displayed...not hung. Are
there any bells currently hanging in the church? 

Sorry if this has already been dicussed but I must
admit that I don't read all my emails!


--- David Bagley <david at r...> wrote: 

I've had Central, the BBC and the local paper on to me
today about this!
There might even be an article on the Radio 4's PM
programme tonight.

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