[Bell Historians] Fame at last..............

David Bagley david at r...
Tue Feb 10 22:44:01 GMT 2004

> Indeed there was a section on Radio 4 at about 6.25pm
> tonight, and you were on it David! It even mentioned
> that the picture was shown on an internet chat room, I
> assume by this they were referring to Bell Historians.
Yes, they were indeed refering to this list!

> I note that in the article on the BBC website the
> vicar says the bells will be displayed...not hung. Are
> there any bells currently hanging in the church?
There are actually 3 Mears bells in the tower dated 1860, the tenor being
5-0-13. They are almost completely inaccessible so are in no danger of being
nicked! The stolen bells came from the ruined Saxon church in the same


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