[Bell Historians] Re: Minor peals

Nick Bowden nickwbowden at f...
Fri Feb 13 23:29:37 GMT 2004

> Dickon:
> > Perhaps then through the collective knowledge of
> > this list we could run through the list of "minor
> > rings" in Dove and come up with the correct
> > descriptions.

> "Bill Hibbert"
> There will be some which are unclassifiable. One of my favourites is
> Gidleigh, Devon. The five bells have nominal notes Eb - 27, D - 10,
> C - 13, B - 33, A - 7. Following the approach David took in his
> paper, the intervals from tenor upwards are very roughly: tone,
> semitone, tone, semitone. This doesn't correspond to any mode at all,
> I don't think. One could attempt to force them into a classification,
> but the historically accurate description is a set of bells which
> have not been tuned together.
> The bells are a 'must get' for anyone who hasn't been there: lovely
> setting, good go, and quite distinctive sound.
> Bill H

I agree. They are Dorian with a flat treble and sound surprisingly good.

Bondleigh, Devon (the tower I rang at before Gidleigh) is similar in that
they are Phrygian with a flat treble, ie semitone, tone, semitone; notes
(from treble) Db, C, Bb, A. Most interesting.


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