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Derwent Woodlands, Church of SS John & James

Ancient site.
Rebuilt church consecrated 18.8.1869
Tower and spire added 1873
4 bells with CI stocks & frame Taylor 1901
Treble 31" C 6-0-17
2nd 32 1/2" B 6-1-27
3rd 36 1/4" A 8-2-16
Tenor 40 1/2" G 11-3-6
1920 Derwent Valley Water Act=20
1935 Building of the Ladybower Reservoir begins
1937 Water Board puchases Church
1938-40 Human remains removed to Bamford (of steel bells fame) churchyard
March 17th 1943 Last service in Derwent church. Fittings including bells re=
moved, and all except tower & spire demolished in 1944.
September 5th 1945 Ladybower Reservoir opened by King George VI. The high w=
ater level was to be just below the belfry windows of the church tower.
December 15th 1947 During abnormally low water, the tower was reunited with=
dry land. The Water Board panicked an blew it up. Last year the Ladybower =
was again very low and BBC2 Learning Zone had a programme on Sheffield and =
its water, which followed much of the progress related above. The lower wal=
ls of the church were quite accessible.

The book Bill refers to is I think "Silent Valley" by V Hallam, but the pho=
tograph in it of the "tower being blown up" is a mock up with the intact st=
ructure at 45 degrees - the film actually showed it collapsing vertically o=
n its base.

Bells certainly went to Chaddesden (1) and Scarcliffe (2, as 3/5), and the =
other two were recast. What a shame, vintage Taylor and they look a nice ch=
unky lot. Derwent tower, like Bamford, had a very small internal area; and =
whilst I'm sure the light six which replaced the steel bells at the latter =
are very nice, it would have been so much better if after the war the Derwe=
nt bells could have gone there - especially as the former occupants of Derw=
ent churchyard were reinterred at Bamford.

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I was looking at the list of lost rings on the Keltek site and=20
happened to notice the following entry:
Derwent Woodlands: Bells dispersed;2 recast; 2nd at Scarcliife

I seem to remember from somewhere that some of the bells went to=20
Chelmorton - possibly from a book about the Derwent reservoir. I can=20
look it up if needed.

Bill H

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