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Getting back to Bamford itself, the old steel six were in three separate wo=
oden 2-bell frames, one above the other. The materials were rather on the s=
lender side as usual with NV, but each unit was essentially complete. A 3-t=
ier cast-iron frame (or three separate iron frames) could go in. The Derwen=
t tenor was 40 1/2", the old Bamford tenor 39" although the weights differe=
d by a greater margin.
For a towering wooden frame, which including the construction which separat=
es the three bell stages, makes 5 tiers see St Margaret Lee, Kent (illustra=
ted by Dickon on kent.lovesguide) and which until 1963 held a 14-cwt eight =
(now a 6-cwt 16-bell chime); and for the arch-peculiar of peculiarities, se=
e St Andrew, Norwich, via David B's home page (illustrated), or measured dr=
awings in the late Gilbert Thurlow's Church Bells & Ringers of Norwich (194=

I am sending separately a print of the tower at Derwent following the droug=
ht of 1947; it is taken two weeks beforew it was blown up.

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>Derwent tower, like Bamford, had a very small internal area; and=20
whilst I'm sure the light six which replaced the steel bells at the=20
latter are very nice, it would have been so much better if after the=20
war the Derwent bells could have gone there - especially as the=20
former occupants of Derwent churchyard were reinterred at Bamford.

Having rung at Bamford I can say that they are a very nice 6 and an=20
cannot see how the Derwent bells could be successfully hung, with 2=20
trebles of course, at Bamford. When was the last 3 tier frame=20


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