[Bell Historians] Vir*s

Aidan C A Hopkins aidan at h...
Sun Feb 29 08:51:50 GMT 2004

On 27 Feb 2004 at 10:22, David Bryant <david at b...> wrote:
> > I have received an email from djb repeatedly. It appears to be infected by
> > the Netsky virus.
> I'm pretty sure it isn't from me - both home and work computer have up-to-date virus software. Is this one of those viruses which spoofs its source? Anyone know?

AFAIR it is one which spoofs the sender address, but then most 
probably do these days.

I also had a copy of Netsky.B early on Friday, and the only tracing I 
could readily do was that the sender IP appeared to be a Tiscali 
user. It was not sent via a list, but was to my ODG Branch email 
address. Still, even that could be a spoof address!


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