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Re: headstocks with stay sockets.
JT & Co told me that L&J's stocks look similar but have design differences;=
Warner's rather more so.
As to M&S iron stocks of the 1920's, the two former trebles at Canterbury (=
1923) and the two stocks (now replaced) supplied with the trebles at St Mar=
k, Swindon. Westminster Abbey old 1-4 (1919). Their design of course quite =
different to Taylors. Graveney, Kent (1925) have side-fitting stays.=20
Does Exeter tenor new stock (WBF) have a socketed stay, or have they moved =
the radius slide, or replaced it conventionally ?
The 8 steel headstocks (WBF 1969/74) at St Alphege, Whitstable, have stay s=
ockets, and I believe that several of the light rings they turned out at ab=
out the time are similarly equipped.
The Gillett 'Loughborough' type stock attracted disapprobation from JT, whi=
ch led (so I understand) to its discontinuance at Croydon. But they kept th=
e stay sockets.

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> Socketted stays: JT & Co didn't have the monopoly of everything.

> Llewellins & James on their CI stocks.

They're pretty much copies of Taylor stocks!

> Mears on many of theirs until the 30's

Can you give any examples? Certainly, those I've seen have been bolted to
the side - e.g. the 12 at Taunton, 1922.


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