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Thu Jan 1 23:03:36 GMT 2004

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> What I find surprising is that the original email implies that the=20
> bells have been sitting there - perhaps since the 1960s or longer -=20
> and yet they are not listed in Dove, and the tower is not affiliated=20
> to the Essex Association.

They are listed in the first edition of Dove as a ring of five, and in 4th =
to 8th editions as chiming only. I do not have access to 2nd and 3rd editio=
ns to say when the change from ring to chime was made in Dove. You cannot e=
xpect to get historical records from the online version of Dove, they do no=
t include any chimes or lost rings and the current edition is merely an out=
dated printout of the online version, useful as that may be.

Mike Fradd

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