Herne Bay pier bell

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Sat Jan 3 11:35:52 GMT 2004

Going through some items I have come across something relevant to this. I
may have told Dickon this before but it is probably worth repeating!

Some time in the 1980s I went to Folkestone Library to look at a copy of
Stahlschmidt (I think it was when I was on the track of Samuel Knight
bells). At the bottom of page 211, underneath the entry for St Mildred's,
Canterbury, was a handwritten note giving a reference to the Folkestone
Chronicle of 2nd December 1871, 5c and saying "one of these bells on Herne
Bay pier".

I have a further note which appears to be a transcription of the newspaper
report -
"The Herne Bay Old Pier Bell - we understand that the bell used at the old
pier in the steam boat days has been purchased by the Rector & Churchwardens
of St Mildred's, Canterbury, so that it will return from whence it came, as
it was formerly one of a peal of bells at the church of that parish. The
weight of the bell is three cwt. and round it are inscribed the words
"Richard Phillips made me" "(sic).

Yet a further note is of the address of Mr Gough of the Herne Bay Historical
Society, on which is written a note of Bygone Kent Vol 5, No 10, October
1984 and "1st 1832, sold for scrap 1871".

I despair at the incompleteness of my notes - all I can say is that I think
I would do better now!

Happy New Year everyone!

Hazel Basford

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