Shareshill, Staffs

David Bryant david at b...
Sun Jan 11 13:56:07 GMT 2004

Web browsing yesterday, I came across a genealogy page at I personally have no interest in
genealogy itself, but many genealogy sites contain a fair amount of local
history, which I do find interesting. Anyway, the following is from an
obituary reproduced on the site. Presumably the items referred to as
'collars' are inscription bands. Does anyone have any further details, or
know whether they survive?

"Augustus Leveson Vernon of Hilton Park, Shareshill
b. 20/9/1836, d 9/12/1925,

Among the souvenirs treasured by Mr. Vernon were .... the collars of three
of the 17th century bells that formerly hung in the tower of Shareshill
Parish Church.
It was chiefly through the instrumentality of Mr. Vernon that a new peal of
bells was provided at Shareshill Church a few years back."

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