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The church of St Thomas Trowbridge was consecrated on February 24th 1870.
The little central steeple had 4 bells by Blews, which were hung for
chiming. The Trowbridge and North Wilts Advertisermade the comment
. . . In the spire is a small peal of four bells from the foundry of
Messrs Blews of Birmingham. They are beautiful in tone and in the distance
have a most pleasing effect. They are chimed by machinery in the church.

The steeple was demolished in the 1970's, and I spoke to the contractor
His firm was employed to remove the tower about 25 years ago, and you must
understand m’dear that the machinery isn’t like it is today. The bells got
back to the scrapyard, and ‘a missionary’ had expressed an interest in
buying them as a four. Unfortunately one bell was dropped, banged against
another, cracked it and fell to pieces. So, being young and foolish, and I
can’t tell you how much I regret it, they scrapped the lot. At least we
know what happened. I am sending him the Keltek contact, and wonder of his
conscience will find any more bells.

Anne Willis
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