[Bell Historians] Flat crowns

David Bryant david at b...
Mon Jan 12 16:51:01 GMT 2004

> Subject : Re: [Bell Historians] Flat crowns
> I am sure that this subject has been raised before but I would be grateful
> if someone could tell me when bells were first cast with flat crowns, WBF,
> Taylor and Warner bells in particular and did it apply to all sizes of bell?

Harrison was doing it in the 1830s, I think, and there are examples of earlier bells (e.g. Exeter Cathedral 9th) wjhere the bell unintentionally had no canons as the metal ran short.

Taylor's started casting the back bells of rings (usually the tenor of six,back two or three of 8, and back three or four of ten or 12) with flat crowns and the rest with canons in the late 1860s / 1870s. In the mid-1890s canons disappeared altogether.

Whitechapel and Warner's were later - early decades of C20. From the latterdecades of the C19 up until then the tended to use ugly Doncaster Heads.

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