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Some years ago I wrote a RW article entitled "A Lost London Lament" and amo=
ng the churches featured was this one. The late Bill Hughes sent me day-boo=
k Xeroxes which reveal the following:

May 2nd 1887
St Philip's Church, Dalston
Revd F Cox, Vicar a/c to W J Palmar
To a set of 3 bells=20
Tenor 11.2.14
2nd 8.2. 2`
3rd 7 . .
27 . 25 at =A35/16/8 =A3158/16s

Fittings comprising Clappers, Headstocks, Wheels, Steel Gudgeons, Gun-metal=
bearings in iron carriages, Stays, Sliders, Rollers, & Ropes =A329
English oak Frame-work, hanging bells, carriage etc=20

August 31st, 1887
W J Palmer 53 Richmond Road, Dalston, E
St Philip's Church, Dalston, E

To 3 bells to harmonize with those already in the tower:-

Treble 5.0.27
2nd 5.2. 2
3rd 6.1.27
17.1. 0 at =A3516.8 p. cwt =A3100.12.6

Surplus of old bell
3.2.25 at =A33.14.8 p.cwt - =A313.18.0 =A384.14s. 6d

Clearly Mears installed a ring of 3, 11-2-4 with full ringing fittings and =
frame inclusive of installation in May 1887 and supplied 3 more bells (with=
no mention of frame, fittings or installation) in August, at which time th=
ey took the old bell, presumably that provided when the church was built ea=
rlier in the century. I have a Xerox copy of a photograph, indicating a Com=
missioners' type church with a none-too-large west tower and spire. It was =
demolished circa 1960.

The non-supply of fittings etc for the three trebles is a bit suspicious, b=
ut perhaps a local builder copied those made for the three tenors (which we=
re installed).=20=20

Dove I (1950) gives 6, 12 cwt - Chiming only; Dove II (1956) and III (1962)=
give 8. - tubular bells; but RHD himself subsequently told me that this wa=
s a mistake copied up from St Bartholomew's church. the entry following St =
Philip's. He had not seen, nor rung on the bells.

There was a ring of 8, cast for a church in South London, but never install=
ed, but that is another story and it is not mine to relate!


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No particular reason for asking this, just general interest:

Do I remember a discussion a long time ago (years) about a peal of=20
six which was cast for St Philip's Dalston, and yet this church had=20
never had a tower? What was the outcome?

Bill H

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