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Fri Jan 16 13:19:16 GMT 2004

See below. What books woult people recommend? Elphick's Craft of the Bellfounder immediately springs to mind.


> Message date : Jan 16 2004, 12:57 PM
> From : Chris Stuart 
> To : David Bryant 
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> Subject : Medieval bells
> Hello David
> I wondered if I could pick your brains again?. Purely self-interest this
> time I'm afraid! Do you know of any books/articles on the very earliest
> history of bells (particularly their use/numbers) and bell-founding in
> England? I'm thinking pre-twelfth century. I seem to remember from my
> university days that there's a reference in Bede to bells being brought over
> the England from the continent; I think archaeologists dug up some remains
> that *might* have been Anglo-Saxon bell moulds (c.900-1000AD) too, but I
> haven't found any other sources for this. There doesn't even seem to be
> anything much for Europe either.
> Best Wishes
> Chris
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