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In this connection (Dave, I hope you don't mind me responding to your=20
private email in public) the retuning of York St. Olave in 1916 is of=20
interest. You said that these bells had been tuned externally in the=20
region of the soundbow, this would most likely affect the tuning of=20
the tierce relative to the nominal. Consulting Taylor's records of=20
course would give a definitive answer to why this was done.

I had a look at the figures at JT today. It does not say where the tuning c=
uts took place but ADH looked at the figures & thought there was a possibil=
ity of it taking place outside in the light of what happened to the fundame=
ntal compared with the nominal. A careful look at the bells themselves migh=
t give more indication of external cuts.

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