[Bell Historians] Hanging Formulae etc.

David Bryant david at b...
Tue Jan 27 23:09:49 GMT 2004


"The average of most modern rings seems to be 50% of the diameter + 8
Some firms like to tuck up the back end slightly more and hang the trebles
slightly more. Older style rings are generally hung out to a greater degree
(the old 20cwt 6 at Chilcompton were about + 11 inches) and personally I
the way they rolled along - you could easily ring a peal in just under 3hrs.
The old Chilcompton tenor was easier to turn in to minor than the new tenor,
which seems to turn slower (its a doddle to major and royal)."

Is it usual for the tenors of higher-number rings to be tucked up more,
irrespective of their weight? I can think of several rings of eight or ten
where the tenor is far more difficult to turn in to minor than would be the
case with a ring of six of the same weight. Also, I can think of several
sixes where the tenor is awkward to turn in, but although they are sixes it
is clear from the frame grillage that it has been laid out for eight, and
the bells installed have fittings numbered 3-8.


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