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In an article entitled "Bells & Bell Hanging" published in "The Chartered M=
echanical Engineer", December 1981, Dr R M Ayres (Eayre & Smith Ltd) wrote:=

"For a ringing bell to rotate correctly the gudgeons are traditionally plac=
ed in line with the bell shoulder. However, large bells need to be tucked u=
p higher than this if they are to be rung up and controlled; so to ensure a=
regular progression of turning period, the treble bells are correspondingl=
y hung out from the bearings. To obtain the correct progression, the middle=
of the range bell is taken as the reference and hung at shoulder level, wi=
th the distance of the lip below the bearings less half its diameter taken =
as a standard distance applied throughout the range to which when half the =
diameter of a given bell is added gives its bell hanging position."


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