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Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Thu Jul 15 22:40:12 BST 2004

An email from my father-in-law:

We went to a Book Fair where we spotted a copy of CHURCH BELLS by H 
B Walters published in 1908 in good condition for £20. It is 
inscribed to someone "from the Vicar of Tewkesbury".
We know you have a copy but thought you would like to know of its 
availability for a friend or some other reason.
The Bookseller is George Harris of Heathview, Habberley Road, 
Bewdley, Worcs DY12 1JH. No E-Mail Address but his phone number is 
01299-402413. Get in touch soonish for he said he was movingto Eire 
in a couple of weeks.
If interested don't reply to me (I am away for two weeks) or the 
list, contact the seller direct.

Bill H

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