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As David Bryant stated one association bell-adviser sometimes referred to "the Association Bell-hanger" in his reports and this could easily have been misinterpreted by a PCC as suggesting that this particular bell-hanger was endorsed by the local ringing association.

I believe that his intention was entirely honourable as he was trying to show some PCC's that they could afford bell-restoration schemes. To his credit he put a lot of his own effort into getting bells ringing again and it is fair to say that he was a great asset to the local association.

However such advice if given today could be construed as a bias towards a particular company. 

He retired from the bell-adviser post many years ago.

Even now there are some bell advisers that offer advice that is not entirely impartial. Their advice is often based on experience and judging the quality of workmanship of schemes they have seen within their ringing association or diocese. Should an adviser say that he/she has not been happy with the work undertaken by X or should they say nothing? What ever they do they will be criticised by someone!


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